Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sanusi Yau Mani clocks 25 on 20th January 2019


Today being 20th January 2019 has been exactly 25years for my lifetime journey toward my grave Ya Allah forgive all my sins, shortcomings, mistakes accept my good deeds and bless my future.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Sanusi Yau Mani bags the National Comrade award

On October 29th 2018 the Students Representatives Council of Umaru Musa Yaradua University under the leadership of comrade Muhammad Lamis Ibrahim invite me to their award eve at which I was decorated  the NATIONAL COMRADE thanks to the good people of Umaru Musa Yaradua University.

Friday, 30 March 2018


My post secondary school education
I luckily wrote my JAMB and able to get the required marks to make me eligible to study Bsc.Chemistry in Umaru Musa Yarádua University Katsina luckily enough I study moderately with my friends especially Mustapha kabir a friend I met in my Js1 and that we proceed to study in the same department while he was studying a twin partner of my course (Bsc.Industrial Chemistry). We were admitted in 2014, and begin our JJC I was residing at Batagarawa town where I use to daily enter the school with my motorcycle all the way my friend Mustapha was with me because we always eat, read, play and gists altogether althouth he is coming everyday from their house at kofar marusa katsina.
I have so many friends at the school as I took my life to be too simple, my stay in the university was quite good, sweet and ok, as I use to understand all the basic things being taught at the lectures, I have learned a lot and cannot cite them in this few article I am writing.
Of no expectation no plan and with no prepared ambition, I found myself passionate to public service  after a lot of encouragements from fans and friends which I prove to contest as  Mani municipal councilor at the age of 21 which at first I got a lot of appreciation and the people say Sanusi is the answer, they election was not conducted up to now and I have never step backward in anything I stepped in, that is my slogan. Tremendously I contested the office of the President Students chemical Society of Nigeria UMYUK chapter though I am not an ex-officio, but with the great solidarity from my friends I broke up the history I emerged the winner after so many impediments, constraints and challenges I chair the beacon and now turn my ambition to lead about 762 students which is not easy for a novice leader like me.
A lot of friends like Naziru Imam, Ibrahim Yusuf , comrade Mubashar stod on their feet to see my success Hassan Umar (acho) was my agent who stand deligently to see that I won the election, they did their best to me and help in coordinating  my affairs, they help me a lot, respect me and always tell me my mistakes which I have to accept and work against it subsequently. I won against my friend Muhammad Bashir who I later appoint as Special Assistant on Planning with few votes and that little gap was what pushes me to stand upright for the students right.
I achieved a lot and change all the system in to a better and more transparent government though I found it very difficult to lead. I was given office which I did not use until few weeks to my depart from the presidency. I taught my fellow students to work hard and help eachother and I am with them to day and wish to be with them forever.
Below is the list of my cabinet
Sanusi Yau Mani President
Zainab Isah Ahmad Vice president
Aliyu Shehu Secretary
Asmau Sani Umar Ass. Secretary
Maaruf Salisu Mashi Financial Secretary
Hayam Salisu Treasurer
Ibrahim Yusuf Protocol
Aliyu Shuaibu Sanusi Welfare I
Mustapha Kabir Welfare II
Ibrahim Ahmad Dara Pro I
Naziru Imam Pro II
Aliyu Ladan Organizing Secretary
Hassan Umar Sport Director
Umar Lado Social Director
Mubashir Mannir Sales Director
Aminu sanusi Haruna Auditor General
Six days after my inauguration as the President students from my hometown urges me and purchase form for my running as their candidate office of the president Mani Students Association MANSA which become unstoppable looking at the very effort they made I accept it and ready to serve my hometown. I won the election and merge them leading to huge unions couple with the fact that I am a final year student beside my personal commitments. The association was in a state of zero in the treasury I lent my money to invest in Lunching of Almanac program successfully done and interested we orient and guide graduating students in jamb and freely give them handout with guideline a few from what I will like to cite, after the first course registration program lunched to my fellow chemistry students which benefits the university at large. I was one of the 19 political caucus of 2016/2017 session in Umyu and we played great role especially in restoring peace in the university while there is a great misunderstanding between the ASUU and the Vice chancellor. A movement to unite Mani students was raised in which I was unconditionally elected as the chairman to lead the association in what we called local organizing committee I accept it though with huge commitments but I believe I have a role to play in, I did the best I can. I graduated from Umyu with second Class upper degree and Alhamdulillah God blessed me with a lot of experiences as a leader, a student as well as a hustler.
Few days after my graduation I move to work with DUBAI ISLAMIC MEDICINE STORE kano, were I am currently working in tirelessly to achieve some developmental goals for my company, before I proceed to serve my father land. I got a lot of experience and believe in possibility of all things, whatever you with to do, you will acheive it provided that you coupled hardwork, endurance and trust in God. Thank you for following my write up I will be updating


My early working experience
I was opportune to work with Batos Investment Nig Ltd. Abuja as a staff which I began to adjust my life to live with different ethnic and different religious people, I learn to work hard with the igbos as my Oga is an Igbo from Abia Mr. Bartholomeow Osondu who taught me a lot of lessons to lay my future on and reposed all his truth in me after appointing me the secretary of his investment at the age of 19. All my co-workers are elder than me and my opinion differs from theirs ranging from my anti corruption ambition and intolerant to non-sense in business as well as my innovative nature.
He ask those before me to teach me a lot on how to write receipts and other things which they found difficult to teach me, and when he noticed it he ask me to write in front of him and my clean and beautiful handwriting turn the story to a beautiful one I still remember that day,  he took me closer to him and began to appreciate my effort in what he consider restructuring of his company, but quite believing in the teaching of my religion on how to interact with them (unbelievers) I know its all a plan to achieve his aim using the little brain I have alhamdulillah I worked with them successfully without any problem from me my parents were very happy with that and still they are demanding my return to work with them.
I recovered so many stolen funds and stand as a barrier for many to steal due to my accountable nature while he nominates me as the manager at my 20th. he trust me a lot my room is adjacent to his wifes room and opposite to his own room when we move to live in kubwa (gbazango) and at the brick city estate along gwarimpa street Abuja.
He insists that I dont need to study further as I already have work doing with them, but I consider this as a deceive in my mind, I urged him that I will work to the best of my ability but I have to proceed to school. I did not get much funds there, but the little hardship and constraints I met have taught me a lot that today I was what I am and have never think of being that. They will give you as much as more than enough in as much they will use you and you are a fool when you are exhausted.


My name is Sanusi Yau Mani, I was born 20th January, 1994, at Matsiga Mani I was sixth in my family preceding Safiya,Shazali,Jamila Aisha And Mustapha our eldest brother and preceded by Saadiya,Rahma,Zainab,Saudat,And Abdulkadir (Abba) our youngest brother.
I did my primary school at central model primary school Mani 2000-2004 where I was one of the eligible students to write an exam to proceed to Janzama pilot primary school the then senior primary school 2004-2006.
I was one of the participants that won the inter-zonal quiz competition organized by the then late Umaru Musa Yaradua administration as the governor of katsina state.
I was the first house captain of the tafawa balewa house afterwhich we obtained our primary leaving certificate having written the science and technical education examination STEB to obtain admission for secondary school at Government Science Secondary School Bindawa with five of my friends from the same primary school (Ahmad Sani Bawa, Umar Ibrahim,Shariku Lawal,Ahmad Buhari Tsagem And Abdulrahman Dahuru).
My life in secondary school, as a new student was completely boring though I am not being disturbed by the harsh condition of the school but surely the social interaction with my companions.
My welfare was very minute a little of which I wouldnt like to write on but alhamdulillah today the story have changed.
I have my junior secondary school, certificate willing to proceed, to any of the other science colleges in katsina but I was readmitted to do my senior secondary school in the same school. I have to accept it not on my will, and to God be the glory all the challenges then, today turned in to pillar for me to withstand many of their alike. I am very struggling to cater my school problems through which I use to purchase little things especially electronics from charanchi market of which I repair and get the little to save. This for no sure points at my great capacity and lead to so many disgracing, suspicious and unjust faults at me. I cried a lot when no one listen and no one bother to understand me, the close companions to me make my life so bitter but today that was a history. I graduated with clean result of distinctions and credits both in my WAEC and NECO though I did not write JAMB that year which leads to my stay a year before I proceed to university and that is the beginning of my prosperity in life.